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MB Ice Arena is home to Total Player Development (TPD), the Chicago area’s first specialized off-ice hockey training center. View the TPD website by CLICKING HERE


TPD Carcillo Cup

About Total Player Development

TPD Hockey was founded by 11 year NHL veteran and two-time Stanley Cup winner, Daniel Carcillo.  As an undersized AA Bantam, he followed a rigorous off-ice training regimen to win a spot with a top AAA team, then two years later join the OHL’s Sarnia Sting and eventually become the 2003 NHL Draft’s 73rd selection. Daniel’s commitment to off-ice training enabled recovery from numerous serious injuries and during the last five years of his storied career, Carcillo played in the Stanley Cup Finals four times.


Retiring in Chicago to coach and train local players, Carcillo was struck by the limited focus on off-ice and total absence of the hockey specific gyms very common in his native Canada. He partnered with Jim Reeves, his longtime trainer and one of Canada’s top specialists, to launch Total Player Development (TPD) Hockey at MB Ice Arena. TPD Hockey offers a holistic system of individual diagnostics, NHL style off-ice training, mental skills and nutrition counseling.


TPD Carcillo Gym

Strength & Conditioning Gym

TPD Hockey’s main training area was modeled on top Canadian off-ice facilities. It combines a large turf area for warm-up and recovery, agility exercises, and power and movement circuits with professional grade squat racks, weights, medicine balls, sleds, boxes, bands, rollers, treadmills and bikes. The facility is sized to train up to 80 athletes at one time.



TPD Carcillo Rapidshot

Hockey Skills Studio

Our skills training area is outfitted with two RapidShot and two RapidHands systems for players to work on shooting and stickhandling.  This is the first installation of its kind in the Midwest and is the same facility used by the Blackhawks.


Training Approach

TPD’s holistic system spans the player experience from nutrition, training and performance to recovery. Carcillo built upon the Canadian model he trained on as a player with progressive functional movement conditioning techniques, which are now seeing rapid adoption in professional and collegiate sports. The ultimate goal is to prepare the body and train the brain to produce consistent, precise and powerful movement patterns.


Holistic System: nutrition, training, performance, recovery

Diagnostics: functional movement screening, on-ice video analysis, shooting simulator

Programming: personalized, team, group, youth, adult


Enroll Now for Spring Programs

With the regular season ending TPD Hockey will be offering comprehensive programming for the spring season.


Spring Accelerator – Integrated On/Off-Ice Training Program: 9 Weeks, 3/26-5/24

Group Off-Ice Training: 6 Weeks, 4/2-5/10

Multiple Shooting Instruction and Training Programs: Ongoing Schedule

Adult Hockey Fitness Classes

Private Training


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