Special Weekend Ticket Giveaway

MB Ice Arena is offering a Special Ticket Giveaway for all public skaters this weekend. Tickets will be raffled off for the Chicago Blackhawks vs LA Kings game on Feb 19. All public skaters will have the opportunity to win tickets each night this weekend, so come skate and win at the MB Ice Arena this Friday - Sunday.


Public skate raffle special


MB Ice Arena - Public Skate Promotional Giveaway Schedule

Can't make it to the United Center?  Come to an MB Ice Arena Public Skate to get the same Game Day Promotional Giveaways that the Blackhawks give out.  The first 100 public skaters who pay admission on the dates listed below will receive the same promotional item that was handed out to fans at the United Center the week prior.  Only one item will be given per person who pays admission for a public skate. 


Public Skate Giveaway Schedule



Wide Public

Public Skate Schedule

MB Ice Arena offers public skating most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as well as almost every afternoon during the week.
Click the button below for confirmed skate times.

 Please note that public skate dates and times are subject to change or cancellation. Additional public skate times will also be added on holidays based on ice availability.



Get A Punch Pass

Save money by purchasing a punch pass. Get your pass in person at MB Ice Arena or online by clicking below. Pass holders will be issued a personalized membership card to track their visits. Punch passes include

  • 10 public skates
  • 10 skate rentals
  • 10 skate sharpenings
  • 10 Rat Hockey visits

Punch passes save customers more than 20 percent and make great gifts for skaters and Blackhawks fans!



Public Skate Pricing

  • Daily Admission - $8
  • Skate Rental - $4
  • Skate Admission Punch Pass (10 visits) - $60
  • Rental Skate Punch Pass (10 rentals) - $30
  • Skate Helpers - $5

General Rules & Information

  • Public skate is for all ages and skaters of all skill levels. It is important to be vigilant and safe when participating in a public skate.
  • All public skaters must pay admission, have a wristband and be wearing skates before going on the ice. 
  • It is recommended that any new or novice skaters wear a hockey or bicycle helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to ensure a safe and fun experience.
  • Non-skaters are not required to pay an admission fee.


public skate rules

Indoor Ice Skating Rink with Skaters